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THe all seeing AI


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AI is the Holy Grail of programming.

Make a computer think like a human, doh! wish I'd thought of that.

Japan has it's finest minds at work on the project. Cars that can drive themselves, robots that can clean your house, but not kill your cat.

NASA ditto, Space explorers that don't need to **** or have sex. The finest programming minds are at work on this project (Brit included, ALL HAIL BRIT).

Spielberg and Scott have fictionalised the idea - "I need more life - ****er!"

I have not played a game where I can't beat the AI after 10-20 games - they all cheat. That's why I play Mano a mano.

Brit u de man - thank you for this game - if ya got time on your hands - create EoS2 Biatch!!


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You really have your gaming screwed up. I'm not sure what your agenda is but most wargamers play against the computer AI. There have been polls done to prove that. If you can beat the AI in every game you've played after 10-20 games then every game you've played is totally lousy.

There are many wargames that are played for YEARS by players. Empire Deluxe, TOAW, Harpoon, Steel Panthers, Combat Mission, the list goes on and on.

All these games, all classics, have one thing in common. NONE OF THEM HAVE AN ALL SEEING AI.

I'm beginning to wonder if Brit hired you to be a shill for his game.

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