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Mac/PC pbem Hell :(

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Yep..2 guys just about to pull the last remaining hairs outta their heads :(

Background...i am using an imac and my bud is using a pc.

We are playing 2 pbem games at the moment..one a QB and the other the "Clash of Eagles" scenario.

We are into Turn 5 in the Clash game but have been unable to proceed any further as my bud cannot open the file i sent to him.

I am zipping the turn using DropZip , its prefs are set to Max compression level , zip originals , dont zip files that are already compressed , UUencoding is off and MacBinary is set to never.

My Outlook express is set up to encode for Windows ( MIME/Base64) and compression is off.

I had problems when he sent me a file in the body of the email as the files ( 1MB size ) were too big for me to open so i was unable to do a Save As on em....so i started using DropZip/StuffIt Expander .

I have been able to play the other pbem which was sent in the body of the email.

Any help / pointer would be appreciated smile.gif

as we are anxious to continue knocking the stuffing out of one another ;)



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I do no compression at all. My current opponent and I send uncompressed files as attachments using Outlook. I then do a save as on my end and save it to my PBEM folder. To send it back I just attach the uncompressed file, I have no idea what my opponent does. When we first started, I used my Hotmail and he could not get it to work. Windows users tend to have more difficulty with attachments and general file issues. With Mac opponents, it tends to be easier, just as with Win to Win it is probably easier.

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If the Mac player sends the files from Outlook, that MicroSoft Product, will "encode" the attachment in a way that ALL other PC's running monopolistic Microsoft products, will be HAPPY to recieve them.

No stuffing or zipping or anything, just attach and send pbem files in Outlook express, the software is FREE and it it works fine.

Easy easy solution.

-tom w

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