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hi i have windows 7 with both cm marines and british forces installed i am running latest ati drivers for my 3850 card i have set all rights up for shock force everytime i try to play a mission it loads fine but my terrain is black everything else seems ok tanks and trees and even the 3d grass is ok it is just the ground texture

please help me as i am starting to pull my hair out

ps i tried to search for any posts regarding windows 7 but the search function does not seem to be working

yours hopefully


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This isn't likely to be a problem with Windows 7 as such, but with your drivers or card. For the quickest help, you should submit a support ticket at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk. Ian is responding to all requests there quickly.

The search function is working fine, but we do not index very short phrases. Hence, if you enter "Windows 7" as a search term, it will likely return anything with "Windows" in it, and will ignore the 7.

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The issue is that the 1.10 patch has probably NOT been installed. The original poster most likely has an older version of CMSF and their module installation is from the British/Marines bundle, which requires that the 1.10/1.11 patch be installed BEFORE installing the bundle.

The question has been addressed for the original poster in the Helpdesk.

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