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Amended Scenarios

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At WeBob a player mentioned that he was using a scenario map but turning it by 90 degrees. As it is for his persoanl use with a couple of mates not a problem.

However it set me thinking of the good scenarios, or scenarios with good maps that had been flawed and were therefore not played. I am not a great fan of tweaking but it did cross my mind what Tiger Valley might be like fought as a night battle [ I hate night fights as being something the system does not handle well].

There are also scenarios like Tebourba Engagemnet where everyone who has ever played complains about the reinforcements arriving in clumps of 20. If anything needed a tweak ....

Anybody think of some amusing games tweaked

Gheel in Daylight! : (

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OMG, Epic battle I remember well, my graphic card overheated on displaying the smoke plumes of the wrecks littering the battlefield.

Speaking of epic battles, I recently finished playing your Foy-Noville scenario. Without question a blast of a battle. I actually tried it several times, each one having a different withdrawal strategy. To date the best option, for me at least, is to send the entire force down the road that runs between Foy and Recogne, blast your way thru the contested crossroad, and then swing behind both towns to take them from the rear. The combination of advance under fire and rearguard action made for one very challenging fight.

If you ever plan on converting this to CMAK, and it appears to be a suitable candidate, I would suggest swapping the SS troops for Wermacht, as there weren't any SS around the Bastogne area that early in the campaign.

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