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Mac: CMAK Demo - Graphics Resolution Problem Solved


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When I first tried to run the CMAK Demo on my Mac, I had trouble getting the graphics to work properly, but I found a solution. I'm offering this description just in case someone else runs into a similar problem.

I ran this on a 300MHz, beige G3, Mac OS 9.2.2 with a Rage Orion 16MB video card. The desktop resolution was set at 1024x768, 16bit (Thousands of Colors).

When the demo was started, I would briefly see the desktop resolution change to 640x480, and then CMAK Demo would exit with no message. I tried this several times, deleting the preferences file between tries. Same result. The solution was to change the color depth of the monitor UP to 32bit (Millions of Colors). With that setting, the Demo ran fine using the 1024x768 resolution.

I thought I would share this, since I found it a bit counter-intuitive that increasing the color depth would help solve a graphics problem.

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Thanks for the tip. I have the full retail CMAK. Another entertaining CM title.

All three CM games on my Mac will only run in 16bit (Thousands of Colors) 1280Xx1024 85.02Hz. I am on a Sonnet enhanced PowerPC 8500 at 400MHz, Mac OS 9.1 with an ATI Mac PCI 32MB video card. I tried setting 32bit (Millions of Colors) on y system and it is a no go.

Glad to hear you are able to run this resolution but I am wondering how a 16MB card can do 32bit and a 32MB card can’t?

Any suggestions on entering the 32bit CM world are welcomed.

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It may be the video driver version included with OS 9.2.2. I'm only guessing at this, but there may be some differences in the driver between the "ATI Mac PCI 32Mb card" (which could be a Rage 128/128 Pro or a Radeon) and the 16Mb Orion (which is a Rage 128 16Mb).

You can get the OS 9.x.x updates from Apple.

Admittedly the color-depth situation presented here is a bit odd and it may not be an universal problem/solution.

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Thanks Schrullenhaft.

Your video driver OS suggestion makes sense. Unfortunately the vintage 8500s are not capable of anything beyond OS 9.1 even with the Sonnet 400MHz accelerator. A 32bit CM would make some great games look even better but the color-depth situation is probably a no go with my older Mac.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

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