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Results of testing new Nvidia 45.23 drivers

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Okay, I have finished my test of these new official drivers that were released today (8/13).

Basically they are identical to the 44.03's in that when Anti-Aliasing is enabled all 2D text in game is not not shown. A quick alt-tab out and back in seems to fix it. I tested in x2, x4 and Quintex modes.

Fog works fine and the display is crisp and clean. Frame rate is as good as it was in the 44.03's and maybe even a little quicker.

I will once more alert Nvidia of the Anti-Aliasing bug which has been in place since the 30.87 series.

Testing was done on a GeForce 3 Ti500 card on Windows XP Pro. I will report results with other cards (GF4 and FX's) once I get them.


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Hi Matt,

Just installed the drivers on a P4 2,8 processor with Geforce FX 5600 card

Everything looks OK,fog and night even looks better than befor.

No problems till now.

short update here,when I open a pbem file or a new scenario which I have downloaded the graphics look like squares,buildings are gone and everything looks strange.

Alt tab one time makes everything OK.

[ August 14, 2003, 03:45 PM: Message edited by: Stoffel ]

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Ok, installed on a P4 1.7 with Geforce 2 MX200 yesterday. No problems and since my drivers were fairly old it seems that when I put all the details on max on a 1200x3600 map it didn't appear to 'stutter' as it did before. Yay!

Did try switching on AA but, as mentioned above, the game text becomes shy, runs and hides. Madmatt, your "not not shown" gave me hope for just a second or so. I demand compensation for mental anguish. A new CMAK screenshot will do nicely. :D

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One update, there is a well known issue with GeForce 3 Ti cards (the Ti200 and Ti500) and VERY slow boot times on Windows XP using certain drivers.

These new drivers DO cause very long boot times (like 5 minutes) on Windows XP with my GeForce 3 ti500. The 44.03's did not but the earlier betas did.

As such, I have reverted to the 44.03's.

Nvidia knows about this bug so they will probably attend to it with the next driver revision.


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The new drivers hosed my CM.

I have a GeForce4 Ti4400 and WinXP. Installed the new drivers and the Main Page came up fine. Then I went to load a PBEM, and noticed that the brown texture in the "loading graphics" window was black. Then when the map appeared, there was no map! It was all black - except the buttons on the bottom were there, and the landmarks were there. So I closed it out and relaunched CM. It was fine for one PBEM turn, then on the next turn it all went black again.

This is the first driver problem I have ever had with CM. So I just rolled back to the 44.03 drivers. Back to normal.

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