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Only one campaign query

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Just bought CMSF and there is only one campaign. The training campaign is missing. Is it available to download anywhere?

Played one battle so far and really enjoying it.

Also can anyone recommend some user made small battles I can download.


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It should have the training campaign included! Are you sure there's only one? If that is the case, I have not seen the training campaign available for download.

As far as other missions, I would just start downloading them and playing them all! You'll find that they vary in size and difficulty. I can't really think of any off the bat that are really small. I guess my scenario "Afghani Stan" is small, and there are others. If you had USMC (sounds like you only have cmsf), you could play the campaign called "From Dawn to Setting Sun". It's follows a platoon of Marines through a harrowing day. Other than that, I'd say you'll just have to download and see.

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Elvis thanks for the link.

Kosta (My middle name is costa) I have the paradox version. Ive found out the campaign was in an early patch. Trouble is Ive already patched up straight to the latest version which doesnt have the campaign. Never mind.

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