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Any 'dusters' fancy a game?

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I think that the site for the Cm games is dead, maybe a little life in it, but the last drops will be on the ground soon. I only come to see about the new games, if a release has happened. Maybe WII cm2 will be out in a year and then it still would have to work with my new machine, which who knows. But if it does, i will be back more active.

I have my consistant fellow gamers that I battle, so cannot add another game, actually I have lost interest to some extent also. but like to keep games going.

It time for you to seek a club, there is a few still going. That is the only place to find players that will be good email buddies.

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Major Tum,

I can bring alittle life back to CMBO. Havent played in years since AK came out, but still fancy the idea of dusting it off.

How about just a small 600 point QB, Combined Arms, Meeting, Village, Moderate Terrain, Random Weather, I can play either AXIS or U.S.

Let me know if interested.



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