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How to save CMMods Files for CMSF ?

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Hi when I first got this game I was quite disappointed at the number of battles it came with but then I discovered that CMSF is actually a tool to make an endless amount of battles and when I discovered CMMods I was in heaven:D, but now sadly it is closing down and the files on there, good or bad are an endangered species and will die out without some help.

On CMMods there are 401 files of Mods, Battles and Maps for CMSF but on BFC File Repository there are only 164 files.

There must be a way to transfer all the files from CMMods to Repository; I have already downloaded 101 files. I am willing to sort them out and upload them, if I can upload more that 10 files in one day, if 3 other people could do the same in communication with each other, then it can be done, without loosing any files.



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While I applaud your effort and willing to do this, I think the chief issue is one of 'ownership' of the material.

One just can't assume that the creator of the mod wants the mod available on another website - the repository has been around for a while and even recent mods that were put up on CMMODS were not put up on the repository at the same time and that may be a reason why the creator choose to have the mod on CMMODS and not the repository.

Much as I would like the see all the CMMODS material on the repository, I think that intellectual rights issues will preclude you from doing so. It is the right of the originator to decide how his work is distributed.

I could be wrong on this.... I am not a lawyer.

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