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Iran offers nerve gas to Hamas?

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I got this from a 3rd party this morning & have no way of checking, but Jane's is usually pretty reliable, and it has to be bad news for all and sundry if true! :(

(bah - it's one post - for some reason the board insists on inserting a seperate quote for the 2nd para)

Janes Defence Weekly says that according to a Hamas spokesman, the smugglers convoy blown up by an Israeli airstrike on the Sudanese border contained a large number of Russian Igla SA-16 and SA-18, Iranian Misagh 2 and a few early Stinger manpad SAMs.

Lebanese sources have told Janes that the Iranians have offered to supply Hezbullah with mustard gas, VX and Sarin warhead rockets. The names of the officials organising this were also passed on, and include senior members of Syrian intelligence and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. If the offer is accepted, the weapons will be supplied from the Syrian facility in Aleppo where dozens of Syrian engineers and 15 Iranian officers were killed when a Scud-C with a chemical warhead blew up in July 2007.

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