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1) Open Notepad or some other .txt-file creator

2) Type the briefing in, with each bit separated by a carat: '^'

Example briefing:

The enemies are bad and I hate them. [Enemy Forces]


Our dudes are awesome. [Friendly Forces]


The weather is nasty. [Terrain and Weather]


You need to kill some badguys. [Mission Statement]


Please kill some badguys. [Commander's Intent]


Kill them with your guns. [basic Plan]

Leave out the statements in brackets, they're just there for you.

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Also, I forgot:

3) Go into the Mission Editor, load your mission, go into the "Mission" section, go to "Mission (Blue)" or something like that, go to "Text," and import your .txt file.

4) Go to the tutorial that Combatintman mentioned. You'll find my same answer in a probably more correct and helpful format, in addition to tons of other useful bits.

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