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Trident Valley Scenario Tac/Balance

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Got a question about a particular Scenario i play in CMSF with marines module (dunno if this is relivant since scenario exists in original too).

By the description of it i had the feeling that this is pretty balanced scenario perfect for short multiplayer....

Yet it is not. perhaps i'm missing some important point about the game but in a meeting engagement with relatively similar tactical possibilities for both sides (both sides start at opposite corners of map and need to capture 3 "towns" in the "middle" and the "free corners" and more or less similar goals (the acceptable friend/desired foe casualities bonuses are a bit different but not Drastically so for both blue and red)

So how is it fun to play if Syrians get noticible less forces my estimation that US has about 140- 150% Numerical advantage in this map (americans get 14 bradleys /w infantry while Syrians get 10!!! bmp 1 !!) crap as syrian equipment goes this is just silly. Unless again i'm missing something drastic about this game i just don't get it how syr4ians supposed to present a challange or bbe able to be fun to play in the scenario "Trident Valley"

Is that a scenario balance bug (like the desiner mixed up and gave wrong side the numbers) or am I missing something alltogether.

This bothers me seriously as this is a good map to play 1v1 quickly and the setup just makes it like taking candy from a baby for US....

I'll try editing it to give the better balance overall but if anyone have same problem or can explain to me what am i missing here please do so.

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