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unwanted invisible links in source code...


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Got a problem with my webpage, seems someone put some invisible links in the code there.

Changed passwords for webhost, ftp protocol, then uploaded clean files from PC. Files on webspace seem to be fine now, no more invisible links.

However when i view them in any web browser (after clearing cache) they still show up...

Here's the page, the links are all at the bottom of the source code (<!-- link ads start --><DIV style):


Any ideas how to get rid of those links?


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Most odd especially if you resecured your webhost and ftp upload pw

Somehow the code is getting squirted afterwards - Have you contacted your host server support to get to the bottom of it?

allthebestmusic.net Seems very dodgy and the crafty unwanted embedded links in your page and other webpages would give them a big boost in search engine rankings and a semblance of respectability.


who seem reluctant to give their details away so you'll need to contact

"PRIVACYPROTECT.ORG is providing privacy protection services to this domain name to protect the owner from spam and phishing attacks. PrivacyProtect.org is not responsible for any of the activities associated with this domain name. If you wish to report any abuse concerning the usage of this domain name, you may do so at http://privacyprotect.org/contact. We have a stringent abuse policy and any complaint will be actioned within a short period of time."

Little bit more digging and found allthebestmusic.net are connected to mp3 download site in Russia mp3panda.com

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Another thought - Is your website made from a downloaded template with any inbuilt scripts? - As this conceivably could make the ad html appear when the website is uploaded & live

Could you fire up golive on your home.site and preview the index.html file in your browser, and recheck the source code

Are you on a mac or pc?

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If you've got the ads on two separately made websites (on the live index page) hosted on the same server - then it's likely as Other Means said to be something on the server side unwittingly or deliberately injecting the code.

More than a little likely from more digging to be your hosting company Servage Hosting - see below.

Contact your server support section to see if they can help track down and remove the cause or simply relocate your sites to a more secure server - if they can't help then I recommend esp for Joomla installs http://www.nativespace.co.uk/

Servage Hosting

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Servage GmbH

Type Private company

Founded Germany 2004

Headquarters Neustadt 16, Flensburg, Germany

Key people Steffan Sondermark Fallesen, Ari Liukko

Industry Web hosting service

Products Web services

Website http://www.servage.net

Servage GmbH is a German web hosting provider headquartered in Flensburg, Germany. The company is doing business as Servage Hosting.


Servage has been criticized for overselling its services in recent years to keep up with competition. There have also been large numbers of Servage customers reporting that their sites have been repeatedly hacked, resulting in malicious code being inserted into their web-pages[4] Servage claims that the issue is resolved by their new server operating system ServageOS.

Servage hacked: Exploit-Iframe (Trojan) Infection

Google Servage hacked



Have you tried Joom Gallery for 1.5 for your site?

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