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Panther UH quality, impact location, and shot trap tests.

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Hopefully the image will work...

This pic of part of one of my spreadsheets gives a ton of data I have collected on the Panther series of tanks. The impact data (left chart) shows, from direct front, where the rounds strike the tank, this is from 1555 impacts, so it's pretty significant... and it took a long time. I also tested to see if perhaps the percentage of the upper hull hits increased and lower hull hits decreased with range because of the higher trajectory of the rounds, it does not, even with slow rounds (top chart).

Lastly (bottom chart) I show a somewhat statistically significant chart breaking down upper hull penetrations. This data was the purpose for this entire exercise. I placed the Panther tanks at 900m, the range that my new parabolic equations suggest that the UH armor of 100% quality will be right at the maximum yield of 100mm AP. Sure enough, those that struck the early Ausf A almost never suffered any penetrations. The "occasional flaws" of the late Ausf A allowed many more partial penetrations, including a few full penetrations. "Frequent Flaws" in the G model glacis allowed frequent penetrations in this test model; 4 times as many full penetrations. Now, I understand that 562 hits is hardly stat-sig, but it gives a clear view of how the Panther glacis plate is modeled in CM, and I think it is probably modeled very well. I am impressed that they took the time to single out this problematic part and model it with (reasonable) historical accuracy! I'll do the math to approximate the 'armor quality' percentage that was probably applied sometime soon. I bet I can figure out Rexford's standard deviation / penetration percentage data to do this... but right now it's 4:30am and my brain's melted!

As a side project you can see in the data that I kept track of turret hits. Though not totally stat-sig, I noticed that there were no "penetration at weak point" for the G, late turret, and wondered if these weak point penetrations were how CM handles the shot trap.

Hope this is helpful to some of you!


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As stated in the description: 100mm AP (The BS3 antitank gun). I guess I could have made that a little more clear.

I have my resolution turned way up because I work in spreadsheets constantly. Sorry if you can't see it well, but that's all I can do. At 1280*1024 the image easily fits into the window with no scrolling.


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