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Plans one at a time

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I saw plans for AI are done one at a time. I assume top down in the script. So you place later plans 1st (1944 before 1943 for example).

Now are plans individual per major powers (minor allied powers follow with the aligned major plans)


Each power (major or minor) has their own list of (do 1 plan at a time)

Like the UK can have an amphin plan going and can india and can australia after they are all aligned under the UK.


1 plan per side allied or axis

And Nup how did you handle plans for USA in Europe and the Pacific if theres only 1 plan in place at a time.

One more Q. What is the difference between amphib.txt and amphin_minor.txt and same for transport

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The plans are checked one at a time, but multiple plans per country can all be in progress if there are sufficient units. The one criteria for same goal position allows multiple plan options but only one plan would be executed. As plans are activated, some with immediate execution and others with buildup delays, they remain in effect until the goal is achieved or the cancellation criteria is meet - or the cancel_ratio is meet, which can be difficult to determine. Good news is that there is a sense of logic behind all the madness and if you can mentally orchestrate what you want the AI to do then it's possible to get pretty close with scripting in most cases.

The difference for amphib_minor and transport_minor is that these plans do not include a HQ. D-Day would be an amphib plan because you want a HQ involved. A German landing in the Baltics during Barbarossa would just be an amphib_minor plan without HQ. Etc.

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