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Missing graphics on new install, Win XP

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I recently upgraded to a new computer system and re-installed CMBB and CMAK. Oldies but great games! Unfortunately, I have to teach myself how to play all over again. But I need some tech help before that.

I am running an ATI Radeon 4800 and a 22" monitor with 1680 x 1050 resolution, 60 Hz, with Win XP SP3 and Directx 9.0c. I have patched both games to 1.03.

CMBB and CMAL only let me run at 1280 x 1050, 70 or 75 Hz. Can I change that? I realize it doesn't have widescreen, of course, but I want to alter the refresh rate. The display looks a bit odd, stretched to the sides, but I can live with that.

The opening screens of CMBB and CMAK appear fine, but when I go to play and the map loads, the bottom information area of the screen doesn't show all the graphics. Instead of text and information, I get white bars in the boxes. It shows the outline of the command box. So I can't see any information about my units.

This also happens when I use the map editor preview: white bars instead of content. All of the map labels have a white highlight on them, too, and the hotkeys box is simply a bunch of white bars. So there's a lot of in-game text I simply can't see. Any way to correct that?

Everything else seems to work - sound and AI appear fine.

Is there any CMBB/CMAK graphics tweak utility? I'd really like to be able to play these games again and get back into some scenario design. But as it stands, the games are not playable.

Help, please.

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Hi people, does anybody know? I`m running a Radeon 3640 expieriencing the problems mentioned by ichadwick, the white/yellow bars instead of correct writing. I could fix it with panamared´s ATI fix, it´s ok now.

But I´ve got no contents in the scenario/operations screen visible, I mean scenarios are here and can be chosen, but the lines are not visible; no bars, no letters, nothing, only red stars and german symbols. What´s that?

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i suffer from that same problem of having some screens black. as far as i know there is no fix for it. i find the scenario selection screen to be almost usable (even if done blind), but unit selection screen is a real nightmare. hopefully ATI releases drivers that fix the issue. i have thought about buying one of those cheap mini laptops (with XP) just to be able to play CMBB properly. only some 200 dollars / euros...

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CMBO is working well on my Dell Laptop with Geforce 8600, CMBB and CMAK won´t do here at all. On my Desktop PC with Radeon 3640 I operate both, although with blind scenario-screen; I bought an old PC, a contemporary one, only to be able to play these games properly, but graphics are to slow (Radeon 9200 SE); I bought a better graphics card (Radeon 9200 256MB PCI) - PC can´t dig it. Strange!

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I had similar text problems. The key for me (windows xp and ATI 3840 card) was simply alt-tabing out of the app and back in :-) This showed the fonts. I had put the little bitmap patch into prior but it itself was not sufficient.

I was experiencing no scenario text etc etc.

Hope this helps,


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i just came back to cmbb after years off

even downloaded the new game (v1.30) and am having the same issue with missing text in the scenario/campaign, the alt tab thing works but what a pain

is there no other fix for this, i tried reloading the but this did not help..........however when i first downloaded the game, licensed and started the scenario screen was readable

currently running win xp syst with ati card (i think 9800) on a fairly new machine

i also found that on my first pbem game when i tried to finish my second turn by hitting GO there was no action and it just went back to the main screen (eg new game, join tcp/ip,etc). my opponent saw no action on his turn too as well

i will try the fix someone else mentioned



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