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UI suggestion for Artillery


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Convert smoke to HE? Has the DOD been notified as I think they would be interested in the ability of 60mm mortars to do so :)

c3k: Thanks for the hard work on getting the support UI nailed down. It's probably been on of my biggest issues with the game since it's release.


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No problem. I've done a bunch of stuff, not all of which was rigorous enough to pass muster here, but, in short, a different UI would be a boon to this game.

The only question is whether BF.C is, a) objective enough to see this perspective, B) whether they see the value in a new UI, and finally c) whether they determine the benefit (if any, in their view) is worth the effort.

If no changes, I'll work out a total artillery chart.



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I think BC needs to do one of two things:

1) Abstract the system to the extent that we've got a "gods" eye view of the situation. This will basically eliminate complaints over lack of control, knowledge, and in general put the onus on the player to make the arty work for them. People will of course call it "gamey" and "unrealistic."

2) Go the exact opposite route and have the artillery call system based precisely on US artillery calling with just the exact amount of info and options on the fire call. This will eliminate any complaints people have over it being "gamey" or "unrealistic." Most will probably find it's more complex then they thought. Though really if NGO schools could be taught in a few hours it'd be included in basic training.

For my money I'm going to say BF doesn't do either. Fixing the Air UI and the Art UI doesn't help them with CM: Normandy much. The Air UI is a total no go as there basically was no such thing as a FAC, and even the very limited usage of them is so far from how things work now as to make there be almost zero return. The Art UI has at least some applicability to Normandy, but the changes we are pushing for are all geared towards the modern era.


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With this thread being linked to today this idea deserves a bump of it's own.

Still one of the better suggestions to provide essential feedback to the user. Current system leaves quite a lot to be desired.

In total agreement, forgot about it this thread/idea too, thanks for the bump! :)

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I think any player aid that gives the player more precise information is a plus. I know the game is trying to be a realistic simulation, but after all it is still a game. I wouldn't mind this idea, but it is not a game breaker if not included. I think bringing more situational awareness to the player regarding unit status whether it is currently in the RED or YELLOW status is more of a priority in IMO.

While we are on the subject or artillery, and the gentlemen have been so kind to put up some visuals, I have a few questions perhaps someone can clarify. In the graphic shown there is a number under the weapon icon. In this case it is 2. Next to the 2 is a large green plus sign. Directly under the weapon icon are six green circles.

What does the 2 mean?

What does the large green + mean? Sometime it shows as a small yellow + sign. Sometimes it shows as red X. What do these mean?

What do the six green circles mean?

I have never read anything in the manual about what these things mean. Did I miss something?

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You did miss something. Aside from the obligatory RTFM this was discussed 12 hours ago in the arty & aircraft thread.

In short:

The 2 concerns the amount of guns in the package.

The + means quality of matchup. Is it some random ground pounder calling in the jets (-)or is it a specialist JTAC(+)?

The green dots is the battery status. Are they busy/tired?

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