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Best way to adjust to modern weapons?

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So I just got 1.10 installed and I'm gonna give it a go again... starting with the Hasrabit campaign I've heard a lot of good things about.

My question is, how can I figure out what different assets are capable of in-game? Like the Kornet for example, is LOS required the entire time... what's the range... etc.?

I stuck two ATGMs on top of a rooftop but for some reason they didn't fire at enemy tanks in their LOS for like 3 minutes...

Right now I'm not sure what governs when certain types of weapons will be used or not...

Just a bit confused coming from older WW2 games I guess.

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Well they were sitting on the rooftop for like 3 minutes like I said without firing before a tank shell blew them all to bits :P.

This is the sort of thing I'm clueless about though. Set up times for weapons etc... I just want to know basic things like a) Does this weapon require constant LOS to use B) What's the range of this weapon c) What's the best range to increase effectiveness of this weapon... etc. Basic things like this.

In CMx1 because I'm sort of a World War 2 nut this wasn't an issue, and the few weapons/vehicles I wasn't familiar with I could figure out pretty easily.

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Well they were sitting on the rooftop for like 3 minutes like I said without firing before a tank shell blew them all to bits :P.

What range was the tank? The ATGMS also have a minimum range, and depending on the type, 3 min may not even be enough!

IIRC, the ranges for the crew weapon are displayed below it's silhouette.

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Sounds like you're playing 'Ambush'. Those are AT-14 Kornets and they have a mnimum range of 100+ metres. You must have moved them to the rooftop so they will require 3-4 minutes to deploy. You'll know this because when you have the unit selected you can read what they're doing in the bottom left of your screen

Team Ldr: deploying

Anti tank: deploying

Soldier: deploying

Once they've deployed the weapon you'll find they're more than eager to fire those precious missiles off at any vehicular target so watch them carefully. When the AT guy is aiming he will stop if he loses LoS to his target and he must start over again. If he loses LoS when guiding, well, sometimes it hits and other times it misses.

In 'Hasrabit' you'll encounter the AT-14 in the Special Forces missions and AT-13's in the Republican Guard missions. The AT-13 is different from the AT-14 in that you must ORDER the team to deploy their kit. Otherwise, they'll just sit, and sit and eventually die. Both the AT-13 and AT-14 will usually kill any Red tank with one hit. Just watch out for tanks in trees as trees can prematurely detonate he warhead and the tank survives. AT-7 (Republican Guard Recon) and AT-4 teams deploy automatically.

As for vehicle mounted systems, the BMP-2 has the AT-5 system installed. It's VERY effective against IFVs and about 50-50 with the majority of the Red tanks you'll encounter in the campaign. I can't remember it's min/max range but it probably won't be much of an issue for you. Hope that helps you a bit

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