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  1. FOUND (just a dude's flickr site so no edit please ) http://www.flickr.com/photos/sir_polaris/
  2. Totally disagree DH/RO needs more of those servers. I played on that server for like 3 hours with a full 50 plyr load it was amazing. Very intense. Because there's no scoreboard people focus on winning as a team and there's less focus on racking up kills (except where necessary of course ). Also, it means you have to rely on listening for screams of agony to confirm a kill. Makes it a lot more intense tbh.
  3. Is there a reason that when using the AWSD keys to move around the map it speeds up/slows down (as if the camera gains momentum the longer you hold it down)? Any way to turn this "feature" off? It's very irritating and makes it a constant battle to just be able to quickly get to the spot I want at the angle I want. At first I thought it might be a framerate issue but I turned graphics way down and it still happens. I notice that this does NOT happen when using the mouse to move around... but I'd love to be able to use the keyboard so I can use the mouse to just issue orders
  4. Well they were sitting on the rooftop for like 3 minutes like I said without firing before a tank shell blew them all to bits . This is the sort of thing I'm clueless about though. Set up times for weapons etc... I just want to know basic things like a) Does this weapon require constant LOS to use What's the range of this weapon c) What's the best range to increase effectiveness of this weapon... etc. Basic things like this. In CMx1 because I'm sort of a World War 2 nut this wasn't an issue, and the few weapons/vehicles I wasn't familiar with I could figure out pretty easily.
  5. So I just got 1.10 installed and I'm gonna give it a go again... starting with the Hasrabit campaign I've heard a lot of good things about. My question is, how can I figure out what different assets are capable of in-game? Like the Kornet for example, is LOS required the entire time... what's the range... etc.? I stuck two ATGMs on top of a rooftop but for some reason they didn't fire at enemy tanks in their LOS for like 3 minutes... Right now I'm not sure what governs when certain types of weapons will be used or not... Just a bit confused coming from older WW2 games I guess.
  6. Alright I hope ALL of you already know about RO. If you're into multiplayer shooters this is pretty much the top of the pile if you're into realism (which most of you are right?). The core game is already amazing and still very active (at peak gaming hours usually about 900-1200 people playing RO). Anyways the Darkest Hour mod team (adding US, Brits, new German units/weapons, and a ton of new maps) just released a major update, that includes para drops and some awesome Battle of the Bulge maps. DH was released a while ago but was super buggy and had a lot of issues. It's been drastic
  7. Basically... do the AI, pathfinding and the interface still suck? These were my three biggest issues that for me made the game basically unplayable. My issues with the interface were that you had to change "modes" to issue different sorts of commands. There were hotkeys for it but it was still extremely clunky. Not anywhere near as simple as right clicking on a unit and then pressing a hotkey ala CMx1. Has this changed? I'm tempted to buy the module if the campaign is SIGNIFICANTLY better than CMSF's. Thoughts?
  8. Bought it right when it came out... big mistake . Anyways, put it down after about 5 hours muddling around in the campaign before I realized I felt like I was working rather than playing a game. How's it coming along now? Is the AI better? Is the pathfinding better? Is the game PLAYABLE??? Or should I stick with CMx1?
  9. Because I'm so completely dissapointed with CMSF I might just revert to CMAK (I own CMBB but not CMAK). I don't like PBEM much... usually I feel like playing for a few hours at a time and don't like being tied to the well, very, responsive and drawn out nature of PBEM. I want to start a battle and finish it in the same sitting. I always hated the feeling when I used to PBEM on West Front when I was eager to KEEP PLAYING but couldn't. Call me impatient if you like. So... do decent amounts of people play CMAK on TCP/IP? What ways are there to get in touch with players other than the forums
  10. This is getting ridiculous. Talk about people not listening... sheesh... let me try again: If a bunch of people tell us that they're pissed off that we released the game too early, what value does another person add to the discussion when he just repeats what is already known? Or put yet another way, 50 people look outside and tell me it looks like is going to rain, then a 51st person tells me it looks like it is going to rain. What possible benefit does it have to me to hear another one or two or 50 people tell me it looks like it is going to rain? It is already CLEARLY established that
  11. And THIS is why I've shelved CMSF for now, along with the utterly stupid AI (both TacAI and enemy StratAI), and pretty bad UI.
  12. Completely agree. CMSF has enormous potential but until the pathfinding and AI (both tactical and strategic) are radically changed, I'm not playing. And to the people saying that "no game has perfect pathfinding" I agree, but many, many games out there have better pathfinding than CMSF. Even the old CMx1 games did. [ July 30, 2007, 04:45 PM: Message edited by: NoxSpartana ]
  13. I'm really finding the enemy AI to be rather... mentally handicapped I'll say in the scenarios and campaign. They follow their pre-set "plans" but once those are exhausted and I do something they just sit there like dumb mules. Guess I'll have to stick to MP... but there's no lobby . I sure hope I can get games quickly without waiting forever. [ July 27, 2007, 11:32 PM: Message edited by: NoxSpartana ]
  14. Right so I was playing the first mission, which was, truth be told, a tad bit boring, as I just that there with my abrams slowly blowing the crap out of everything from that little artificial hill thing that spanned the length of the map. Anyways, is there anyway to just order my tanks to obliterate the buildings/blow holes through (fairly thin) cement walls? As soon as I moved my forces in, they were almost instantly ambushed by a flurry of RPGs and I lost my entire platoon (and yes I was being very cautious). This is after having bombarded the place for 20 minutes with 155mm artillery. I
  15. Well that's retarded. Hopefully it's just a bug.
  16. Well then is there any way to know the capabilities of units?
  17. How do I pull up unit info like you could do in CMx1? It'd be great to be able to see weapon ranges, speed, armor ratings, etc...
  18. How do you tell who the "maker" of the mission is? Also, is there any way to know if a mission is balanced (i.e. good for MP) or in favor of one side or the other?
  19. Naw isn't there something faster? Like chat? I don't want to have to refresh for half an hour to find a game.
  20. No I'm not quite ready for MP. But I will be later tonight... where do I go to find a player since there's no lobby?
  21. So far one enormous sore thumb sticks out to me. The camera controls. I'm not referring to the actual camera interface, which I'm sure I'll get down once I'm used to it, but how it "moves". The arrow keys for instance, seem to take a second to respond and then slowly "speed up" and gain inertia which seems to make it take longer to "stop" the camera. This is incredibly annoying. Please for the love of god, in the next patch, make it so the camera reacts instantly to the arrow keys and STOPS right away when you switch arrow key directions.
  22. ^^^How do you switch from say "combat" to "movement" with keypresses? I see the hotkeys for selecting a command when you're in a certain "section" but how do you get to the section with a hotkey?
  23. Topic says it all, two of the biggest issues for me (please address TacAI and StratAI seperately) Thank you!
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