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Giant spider found in Liverpool.

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FRENCH scientist Joseph Browning revealed today that a team of experts would arrive in the city to take samples from the spider.

They will get close to the creature by abseiling 50m down the side of the Concourse Tower.

He said the spider would be lit up because it is hibernating, and said scientists were concerned that the creature could start laying eggs which is why they want to keep it under constant surveillance.

He told the ECHO: "Imagine 200 eggs, 1,000 times bigger than normal and you can just imagine the catastrophe"

Dr Browning said they were looking at three options in how to deal with the creature.

The first was to create a 150-metre cordon around the animal but that would mean evacuating around 30,000 people. The second solution would involve shrinking the head of the creature like the headshrinkers of South America.

The third solution, which currently seems the most likely, is that they will use a crane to remove the spider and take it to their research base near the River Mersey.

More in The Times.

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I went tonight while it woke up. There were loads of cherry pickers with little enclosures on with people playing instruments in - then it shook itself and stood up.

It looked round at the audience then started walking down the waterfront spouting steam and foam.

Loved it.

It doesn't really walk though, it's on a special cherry picker itself - looks damn good though.


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