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Aussie convict


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One of Australia's most famous criminals, Mark 'Chopper' Read, is back in the news:


What I like about this guy is:

1. He lives 1000km from me.

2. He's been out of trouble for years, so he's probably safe-ish for society.

3. They even made a movie about him (go to IMDB and check out Eric Bana's filmography) that was an excellent film (provided you don't mind realistic stabbing scenes).

4. Both his ears are chopped off and his body is covered in weird-sh*t tattoos. They just don't have many crims like that left in the locker any more.

5. He has a good name for sub-editors love to write good headings about him.

6. Somehow he's out and about, despite having killed 19 people. Isn't justice compassionate?

I hereby submit Mark 'Chopper' Read to the GF as one of Australia's worst (there's no way he's best at anything, except surviving). Well, rest of world? Whatcha got to match our Chopper?

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Very well made movie that makes me squeamish whenever I see a biro

Here in the UK we have this charming 'emissary of Beelzebub'

Nicholas van Hoogstraten

He has spoken warmly of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, whom he once described as "100% decent and incorruptible".

Last heard that he'd been arrested in Zimbabwe for not planting enough trees to get into heaven....


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Standover man? The poms invented standovers, surely, and all our standovers are merely copies!

A standover man is a paid criminal bully. He stands over you while you weep on the ground as he collects payments for this or that. You're probably weeping on the ground because said standover-person belted you over the ear-hole about twenty seconds earlier for your lack of promptness in payment, etc.

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