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Thunder scenarios

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Where are all the TF THunder scenarios? I am designing campaigns and now have a series of folders for each, with all the battles, briefings, maps etc etc. Can't find anything like that for TF Thunder, just the CAM file. I'd like to tinker with some of the maps and make new games out of them, study the way they were made to get a better idea of how to link battles etc etc - so where do I get them?

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I guess that is not possible, the rationale being to avoid cheating or spoilers by people opening the scenarios in the editor before actually reaching them during the campaign.

If you play the campaign, you should get a safe file for each mission, perhaps those can be imported in the editor (mind my not having a clue!)

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Actually, you can edit the individual battles and simply do the Make Campaign command again. I have two Campaigns currently, with all the briefings, texts, maps and individual battles in unique folders within Scenarios. Works fine. I can edit them whenever I choose. I just can't find the same Battles, texts etc for the Thunder campaign. They must be somewhere, otherwise the .cam could not access the info. A hidden file perhaps?

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