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How do you do rubbled walls?

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I'm working on a map based on the battle of Fallujah in which the US side has reached Highway 10 cutting through the city and must cross it into a derelict industrial area full of insurgents.

Much of the industrial area consists of blocks of large buildings surrounded by high concrete walls. However, I would like some parts of the walls to be rubble. Does anyone know how to do this in the editor?

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Thanks but I meant perimeter walls, not building walls, i.e. the walls you get in the "Walls/Fences" part of the editor. I am already familiar with the use of the CTRL key on building walls.

Basically, if in game I fire an HE shell at a solid concrete perimeter wall it will be destroyed and leave behind a line of rubble. It is this line of rubble I'd like to place in the editor.

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