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How to get over that Stupid Marketplace?


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I played the Campaign with some joy since Patch 1.04 But since two Weeks i quit. Today i started over and over again and loaded the Save but its almost impossible to beat.

I know the Enemy Position on the other Houserow but i cant kill them. Their Icons dissapear and with that tehy get ereased out of the Minds of my Soldiers. Their should be a Bonus on Firing after you have spottet and fired for a While even on Units in Houses. They get their Heads up when i start saving ammo and kill me mens one by one. 1 Shot one kill for the Bad Guys.

So i try to escape over the Market play, take the Housserow to the right Site and kill those LOS/LOF Freaks positioned in that House on Roof near the Marketplace that you cant kill but they can kill you.

So the Short way: Is there any way to get to that Missionobjective Frontline to get away of that stupid Scenario that got his FLaws because of LOS/LOF Insanity and that stupid "You cant kill them with 10.000Bullets if they Laying in Houses but they can kill you with 1 Burst". Problem is the Game is even more Static then CMX1. There is no Moral and the Enemy dont ever Fall back take new Pos regroup and such things.

Any way around winning that MIssion avoiding the Flaws of Game Concept and Mission Design?

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The MIssion where you are cut off from all Support with 2 MG Squads, no Strykers, no Tanks and just a Small 81mm Barage that does absolutly nothing on Infantry in houses. Firesuppor consumin all the Ammo and they revive quick from the Suppression fire and you cant keep 3 Squads down with 2 Friendly Squads.

One Problem is the Small Support and Ammo. Other thing is this anoying Problem mentioned above.

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Use the guys that are in the original force to clear their path to the trenches they are suppose to occupy, then flank the loooong building in front of the other trenches _ watch out for the AT team on the roof of that weird looking garage. It is a good idea to put a MG team on the roof of one of the tall building as guardian angels. When reinforcements arrive forget abouot using them until the original guys have cleared the marketplace building. Also watch out for your ammo it goes fast if you do not exercise fire discipline and, trust me, your guys will try to kill anybody in sight even if they are far away. Good luck and give 'em hell...

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