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Where`s the smoke?

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I know that vehicles can pop smoke but how best to use infantry in this respect?

Also how do I use smoke in artillery/mortar attacks.

Also in art and aircraft plotting phase what ammo is used in the light/medium/heavy options? I can`t see it in the manual-just whats available and not in relation to the above options

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IIRC I saw some infantry with smoke. The inf. smoke is more white and has a smaller radius, compared to the smoke thrown by the vehicles.

Art-rounds are determined by the target-type (Anti-armor, Anti-Personal, mixed).

Aircrafts seems to attack with whatever they got, if someone could give more specifics and hints, I would be happy to read more about it.

So far observed:

* A-10s are great vs. tanks, using AT-missiles (AGM65?) first, then the GAU-8 (30mm, nice effects)

* Apaches do not work well for area-targets, using MG and unguided rockets -> with bad results

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