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Walkthroughs for training campaign?

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Has anybody done a walkthrough for the MOUT scenario in the training campaign? I have had little success with it so far. As soon as my men disembark they get owned by the crafty Syrians. Am I not suppressing them for long enough or something? How did you other guys win this one?

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One observation: you are tasked with dislodging the enemy, but it is not specifically ordered to capture any of the buildings intact.

If you don't want to go as far as leveling buildings, yes -- suppress more. Give time for suppressive fire to work. Look for approaches that minimize exposure. Consider smoke.

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In general I try to focus all my troops on an attack from the left side of the road. Using a smoke screen and the buildings to the right as cover for my infantry. I have my men assault towards the one-story buidling on the far-left edge of the village and the adjacent two-story buidling. Then after securing these, I work my way towards the end of the street. No real need for the strykers, actually. Well for some covering fire, maybe ;) .

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