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  1. Worked for me; first entered the new key, followed by the 'old keys'.
  2. I got now the same problem with bitdefender 2017. I cannot reinstall the game and GL. What can be done?
  3. Allright, that's some good news to start the weekend!!
  4. I am a bit confused... Is this game being released? I see no announcement...
  5. Yep, thank you BF for this nice Christmas Bone. 2016 is going to be a great (BF) year!!!
  6. It's my second attempt at playing the Russians; first time was a disaster! Especially the grenade launcher did some heavy damage to my forces.
  7. Oh yes, I lose, and try again, and lose and try again.....
  8. Would like to play at warrior, but get blown away by the enemy
  9. Correct previous message! Downloaded it third time and... success!! Never had this problem before!
  10. Tried to download it two times and failed ! What can be done? Submitted ticket also!
  11. Would like to buy this game, but I'm holding it back because of this slow download speeds. Is it still that slow and which browser should I use? Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox?
  12. It all works! Many thanks for the advice
  13. Thanks for the help. Well, consider the one dollar as a donation to BF!
  14. I managed to fire it up! In installing module marines, it went fine although some scenario's of the base game have disappeared? Only problem I have now is that I don't find the licence keys of the brits and nato module. Is there someway I can retrieve them?
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