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Group Select and Face (bug?)

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From what I have been able to see, group select and Face do not work the same way they used to in CMX1. In CMX1, the entire group would face parallel to the unit I used to give the direction (so, they all ended up facing the same compass direction). Now, it seems that they all end up facing towards the point on the map that I clicked; they all focus on a single point rather than taking a parallel sighting. This tends to be annoying when you are trying to align them all to face the enemy line at the start of the game or in the editor.

I tried holding down the Shift, Ctrl or Shift+Ctrl while clicking the point for the Face command, but it made no difference.

Also, the Face pointer cannot be used off map, so you can't have them all "focus" on the horizon.

I don't know if this is a feature or a bug? It is useful if you want them all to focus on a point.

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That's just the way the algorithm is designed. In movement, when you do multiple select, all their waypoints will fall on the same spot. In CMx1 they will be relative. Same goes for facing. That's why the work around is to select a point that is very far to lessen the convergence effect.

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