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Ricochets Causing Damage?

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One of the things I love about CM:SF is the way bullets zing off walls at all sorts of crazy angles, flying off in all directions. In theory I suppose you could damage units with ricochets but I've yet to see it happen. Has anyone seen this?

If it happens a lot it might be a valid tactic to target a wall at a 45 degree angle to your line of fire in the hope that ricochets off the wall will be at 90 degrees to your line of fire - effectively shooting around corners.

I think this needs testing out in a QB or something.

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From what they've said pre-release, yes, the bullets are tracked and could impact a unit not directly in the line of fire. After all, if you watch the ricochets you'll see them impact the ground elsewhere (unless they go zipping off the map).

I can't see why they wouldn't as it is, technically, just Area Fire.

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I had a squad hiding in an alley between two buildings. There was an enemy firing at the opening of the alley, but the squad was back far enough that they were out of the line of fire. I then watched a tracer bounce off the wall and injure one of my riflemen. That's when I KNEW this game was realistic...

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