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Uploaded Modding files

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I have uploaded some files related to modding at www.cmmods.com

The first is an updated filelist.txt to be used with Dr. Jones's wonderful extractor. The extractor has a base set of files it downloads but by adding entries into the filelist.txt you can increase the number of files it extracts. Please don't download this file unless you have some familiarity with Dr. Jones's extractor.

The second file is my TOW Modding faq. It includes information about how to get started modding TOW. I will be adding to it as time permits. I also included in the zip an Excel file that has the Animation Tables laid out. If you add a new unit you may need to modify these tables and the file will help you.

I will try to answer questions, but I'll be away for a bit over the next few weeks.

I hope these files help others who are interested in modding. I'll be uploading my Firefly, Pz.IVF1, Pz.IIIG, and SdKfz251/10 mods very shortly.


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Originally posted by Earl Grey:

Looked at the texture files yesterday... Pretty easy modifying them, I just have to figure out how to replace the original files with the extracted ones... ;)

Just copy the extracted files which you want to replace in the [installed Dir]\Theatre of War\ in the same directory structure, that's it.



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What Dr.Jones says is correct, but I can I suggest that once you've given it a go to see that it all works that instead of replacing the existing skins you add new ones. This is a little bit more complicated but worth it in the long run.

First of all go into the model folder where you find the textures:

eg: {YOUR GAME FOLDER}\3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif

Copy one of the folders containing the textures to a new folder name.

eg: copy 'Summer1' to 'Summer3'

Next, go into skins.ini and copy and paste one of the skins sections. Everywhere where you see 'Summer1' replace it with 'Summer3'

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">[skin_Summer1]

Type Skin

Name Summer1

SkinPath Summer1

Material0 mat_sh1 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mat_sh1.mat

Material1 mat_sh2 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mat_sh2.mat

Material2 mat_sh3 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mat_sh3.mat

Material3 mat1 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mat1.mat

Material4 mat2 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mat2.mat

Material5 mat3 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mat3.mat

Material6 mat4 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mat4.mat

Material7 mat5 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mat5.mat

Material8 mattr1 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mattr1.mat

Material9 mattr1_a 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mattr1_a.mat

Material10 mattr2 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mattr2.mat

Material11 mattr2_a 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\mattr2_a.mat

Material12 matzaptrk_1 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\matzaptrk_1.mat

Material13 matzaptrk_all 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\matzaptrk_all.mat

Material14 zip1 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\zip1.mat

Material15 zip2 3dobj\tanks\ger\pz_iif\summer1\zip2.mat</pre>

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Thanks for all the inforamtion!

By the way, anyone knows what color I need to get transparent parts? I don't have installed the .DDS plugin for Photo Shop, therefore converted teh .DDS into another format and converted it back, but a few texture parts now behave in an odd way...

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The transparency comes from the alpha channel, not from any colour in the main texture. In case you haven't come across one before, normally an image is composed of three channels - one each for red, green and blue. An alpha channel is a fourth channel representing (usually) opacity. You can think of each channel as a grayscale image, for an alpha channel black is transparent, white is opaque with gray tones in between representing semi-transparency.

There's also _spec files which contain information on bump mapping, shininess, etc - but providing you don't make major changes in representing the surface you can probably leave these alone. In passing these are 512x512 resolution files, whereas the textures are 256x256. You could probably reduce these to 256 and tweak out a little extra performance or up the textures to 512 and get a little extra detail.

Have fun


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Right, the alpha channel... right, it's .DDS format. Should have been clear in the first place. *slaps on forehead*

Now I only have to figure out how this alpha channel works - last timwe I tried, the result was far from satisfactory...

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Originally posted by SlapHappy:

Are there equivalent plug-ins for GIMP? I fear many potential modders won't have access to an elite graphics program like Photoshop......

I'm pretty sure GIMP supports Photoshop plugins - Photoshop plugins use an open spec, so (with a few exceptions) most work in any program that supports them, Paintshop Pro etc.

Have fun


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