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Jagdtiger and Tracks


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Quick questions,

I noticed the Jagdtiger has a very slow ROF. Normally this isn't so, as the Jagdtiger had 6 crew, one extra loader for loading the 2 part 128mm ammo.

If you read Spielbergs' books about these vehicles, he explains in detail how it was done, and how to achieve a quicker reloading. (about the same as the 88/L71)

Ingame, it only has 5 crew and 3rounds/minute, which is far to slow imho. can this be changed in a mod to 6 crews and 6/min or so? in which file can this be changed? thnx

Is it possible to repair tracks ingame? It was done alot in the field and even under fire. (the book: Panzer-aces describes numerous occasions.)

It of course depended on how damaged it was.

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Please don't take this as The Offical Word or something, but I'm guessing no to both issues.

First of all, the JagdTiger rate of fire. All guns fire slower then they could. Crews off all types could have a frenetic rate of fire exceeding that which would be normal. AFAIK no game models it on these values but gives the ordinary ROF for cannons.

The five men crew, I'm afraid that's probably an engine limitation. It would need significant changes to the engine and UI for a small detail for just the JagdTiger and the KV-2. As such programmers efforts are probably best used on other matter.

As for repairing tracks under fire, that's more the exception to the rule. It wasn't something done normally. Probably not often enough to warrant inclusion in ToW, especially not given the animations needed to make it look even halfway decent. I'd rather have my mortars. smile.gif

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Repairing or replacing an AFV track is not like replacing a blown tire on your Honda Civic. Even for a trained crew, and not under fire, you're probably talking about tens of minutes or even hours.

Not speaking from personal experience here, but back in the early days of CM, this question was brought up many times, and several posters with real life experiences gave very definitive answers.

Panzer Aces is a fun book, but it's not really written as a detailed, historical work with facts and figure like the exact amount of time various aspects of the action took. It's been a while since I read it, but IIRC, he does not say stuff like, "And ten minutes later, the track was replaced, and the tank was off and running again. . ."

Long and short: It's not usually the kind of thing that's likely to happen within the timeframe of a typical tactical video game engagement. Not impossible, but very unlikely, and therefore probably not worth taking the time to program up.



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