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Full game always corrupted?

Gen Schmaeterling

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Originally posted by JohnO:

The only problem I have right now is the Mission editor not opening.

I hadn't tried the editor yet as I haven't been able to tear myself away from the full game (good stuff this). After reading your post, curiosity got the better of me and I was able to launch the mission editor without issue. It's odd that it won't open for you. :?
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Originally posted by Gen Schmaeterling:

I've tried dling the full game twice already; both times, the install won't even open.

I'm assuming it's corrupted.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Has anyone been able to install the full game?

The Demo installed and worked fine (awesome stuff, I must say!).

same exact problem bud. demo worked fine. but I get a corrupted file error when I try to install the main game i just downloaded. tried twice too. Hmmmmm....
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I'm having problems also cant seem to get it to down load from getright or DAP allways tells me security protocals are preventing me from geting the DL I have tried everything even turned off firewall Mcaffe and My virus scanner still nojoy.

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You guys that are reporting corrupted downloads, check to make the file is named properly. With some download managers, it might call the file something like default, or even dnldfile.php, even though it is really the "Theatre_of_War_Setup.exe".

If you have a 1.78 gig file that has a different name, try renaming it to the above and see if that might do the trick.


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the problem is the craptastic host they are going with..

check yoru file size, i bet 10$ any corrupted download is being cut short..

mine only made it to 220Mb, and again only to 565Mb.. for some reason the download is completing early...

i never thought i'd ever have to use a DL manager on broadband..

I don't mean to sound overly critical, but next time you release a game.. just go with someone like fileplanet or something.. even bittorrent has inherently built in error correction etc.. to handle this..

it really makes me appreciate steam in that it just works...

anyways hopefully 3rd time is the charm for me.. (and another 3 hours to go yay for downloading all evening!)...

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hi all downloaded it yesterday without any download manager.

Worked perfect took me an hour to download it.

Mission editor works fine also but what the hell do you need to do to make an mission.

in CM it would take me up to 5 hours to make an mission now it will take 5 days to do it right.

example few russian tanks against german tanks you have to do so much and when i wanted to play it they had no ammo??

you even have to put in ammo (havent see it by now will look later)

but i really like this option. Hope that people will make nice battles because what i see is you can make them as big as you want.

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