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changes in the BF edition


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ok guys.. after playing the russian version some time... i really hope BF does some AI changes

like bazookas hitting at 250 meters (checked the distance) repeatly (every shot hits)

also what seems a bit odd are the penetrations that occure

it seems like the angle the armour is doesnt really count

the panther has 80mm armour eh?

well it seems like it 80mm @ 0° and not 55°

that counts for all tanks ive been playing with

on the other hand why the hell have my tanks a hit chance of 100% with APC @ 500 meters and only a hitchance of 50% with APCR?

i really dont understand that

all in all the Tiger is (in the game) better than the Panther because it's better armoured (in the game)

as a last note: the game really plays well in early war but its getting more buggy and buggy the later the campaign goes

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i have read many times that the penetrations are fixed in the euro version. Also the distances are corrected.

And also irw the tiger was much better than a panther not only with his better armor but also his big gun 88 instead of 75mm

What i read from Mattmatt is that when they got the version they had the same probs and they corrected it and many more bugs thats why we still have to wait;

Now the only thing i can say is you can play the game with bugs i only can read about it that it is delayed again and again and again and ....

you know what i mean.

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ok thanks for the fast answer

but about the tiger and panther discussion ^^

panther had better FA and weaker side and rear armour

the 75mm of the panther had better penetration on most ranges

so imo i consider the panther to be a better tank becuase its the better combination of fikrepower, armour and speed

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Hmmmm; i do not recall ever reading the gun on the Panther to be better: not in terms of traverse, penetration, reliability... anything!

But i believe the late model panthers are believed to be the better tank once the problems were worked out due to it's sloping armor and greater reliability than the Tiger...

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The Panther’s gun not only penetrated more armor, but IIRC had lower dispersion of shot, making it a better firing platform. The Tiger’s gun fired a heavier shell, making it more effective against soft targets, and likely a greater chance of knocking out a vehicle if the shell penetrated. The Panther’s 80mm sloped glacis also protected it better than the Tiger’s 100mm.

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