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I tried to order this game when it was still known as Wartime Command. It did not materialize;)

Going through all material I just wonder about the scale. There seems to be very little infantry (in the pics at least).

I still really miss a Combat Mission game for Norway, Low Counties and France 40'...

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Originally posted by John Kettler:

What plane is that, praytell? Never saw one before!

It is a Dutch Fokker G.I from Anthony Fokkers Airplane company (the one who designed the famous Fokker E and DR series of WWI).

It flew first in March 37 and delivery of the 36 build serial production samples began in 38. It had:

2 Bristol Mercury VIII engines of 830HP each

wingspan of 17,18m

length of 11,51m

weight empty of 3325kg

weight loaded of 4800kg

high speed of 472km/h in 4250m height

max. height of 9300m

duration of 1510km

9 7,8mm machine guns

400kg of maximum bomb load

crew of 3

At the German invasion of the low countries 23 G.I where in service but did not play a major role during the fighting. I can only imagine the butcher fest 10 of them would have had with an unprotected flight of German Do17s or He111s. Most of them got destroyed on the ground. The Germans used the ones that were still flyable after the invasion for training purposes.

(all data from Kenneth Munson, Aircraft of WWII)

Hope that helps a bit.


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I have all the Czech models at home in my back yard. Still fly them every once in a while when I need to puddle jump down to DC. That's what I spent all that money I made off of GIC on. Can you believe the MG's where still on all three of them?


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