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as it says

Official trailer - nice vid, immersive!

Probably gives a good idea how it plays.

18 Mb., Duration - 1:28. demonstrates the battle of German troops with the forces of allies. All forms of troops in action - from the artillery and aviation to the tanks and the infantry.


sound for the PZIV cannon does sound a bit out of place though...

Beta tester made Winter War vid - single mission I think, 3.5mins long

not so sure about some of the music though smile.gif

At least you can hear the soundFX a bit now. Could be ingame music? And ingame voices?

framerate a bit jerky, but the crew hoping into tanks look so cool!

Large - 60megs http://files.games.1c.ru/ww2rts/files/movies/ww2-winter.avi

Small - 7 megs -


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IIRC the first vid is already from quite a while ago - from the prebattlefront era. So maybe there are some changes to the actual release version.

But thanks for posting it anyways. With all the new interest in ToW showing up over here there will be quite a few people who have not seen it yet.


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Also it does look a bit odd where the infantry run into and out of trenches easy as you like...

It would be nice if the infantry also had more idle animations than just standing bolt upright like a statue when they are standing. It looks a bit jarring to me, probbaly because I'm conditioned from seeing idle animations in other games

edit - Ok it's the standing stance that is jarring, way too upright and rigid. It looks out of place for a solider on the frontlines. Feet should be further apart, hunched over, gun on hips, more cautious looking etc

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