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Another New AAR!


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Thanks for the heads up Copper!

I cant get enough of this damn game.

Im getting too old for this.

[Added] At the end of the AAR it says that Rune translated the AAR to Russian which was originaly posted on wargamer.com. or to be exact:

"scripter - Rune, transfer into the Russian language - Ilya polyakov

for the first time text was published on portal wargamer.com"

I used Alta Vista to translate.

Im having trouble finding it.

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Moon and Megakill,

There are several wrong IDs for the Polish armor in that AAR. The Vickers E type should be called 7TPdw, and the TSK tankette is actually a TKS. It looks like this up close.


Even with botched IDs, it's great to see the Poles in play--especially since patboy hasn't fielded his Poland mod for CMBB yet!


John Kettler

[ August 24, 2006, 03:40 AM: Message edited by: John Kettler ]

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