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*MOD* Guntruck Humvee

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What is changed:

Humvee front bumper

Scrap metal gun shield

Scrap metal doors and side armor

Warning panel on the rear gate

TIP (termal Identification panel)

New tire threads

New detailed interior

American flag in the windshield

You can download it at CMMODS. I recommend trying it with my US Army infantry mod 2.0





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Name all my uparmored humvee mod BMPs:

m1114-additional 1, m1114-hatches 1, m1114-hulla 1, m1114-windows 1, m1114-interior 1, m1114-wheel 1, m1114-hullb 1.

Name all Guntruck Humvee mod BMPs:

m1114-additional 2, m1114-hatches 2, m1114-hulla 2, m1114-windows 2, m1114-interior 2, m1114-wheel 2, m1114-hullb 2.

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It's randomised by soldier for infantry mods.
That gives me an idea. I, or someone, can make textures with the same unit insignia, but different RSSI, or ranger tabs, and all that mess. It would mostly work out, I suppose.


What kind of custom skins are you using? Want to share?

I'm trying to upload the bmps or at least jpg somewhere, but I'm having trouble with both photobucket and image shack. If I remember later, I will, they're nothing special though.
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Alright, photobucket is shinning on me. Just 2 so far, and I haven't finished the 82nd because it still has my XVIII Airborne Corps RSSI, as well as my badges on the shirt. 2nd one is my uniform, when I was making it, I wasn't able to find a CAB with a second award (1star) in the first few seconds so I just used the basic one. The unit insignia and appropriate tabs are not the right proportion, and it just doesn't look right in-game. Since looking at the pictures, I've noticed that my XVIII Corps patch is backwards, whoops. Oh, also, I used your pen holder thingys.

If anyone wants to use them, that's fine I don't care. They're in .jpg format so they need to be converted to .bmp.



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Yeah, thats my mod texture - the knee pads, slanted cargo pockets,pens in the sleeve, rank,US Army tape,muddy boots smile.gif Looks good with those patches

Yeah, it would be awesome to have random skins with different ranks, tabs etc withing same unit. Great idea smile.gif

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