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Roofs in 1.08 seem a little strong?

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The reds had an ATGM team on a roof in Hammertime v1005 and I wanted it to go away. I had Three Bradleys shooting at the roof, some targeting the actual ATGM team and some on area fire and it would not die. I literally spent a 100 rounds of 25mm trying to blitz these guys and then had to use 120mm.

I recall Steve saying something about tweaking the roof protective values being adjusted for small arms, but I also recall hims saying that Bradleys should turn a building into swiss cheese. I am just curious if anyone else has seen this.

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Roof with high "wall" running on them are good cover... But against Bradleys it serves as good cover only if the ATGM team happens to be next to some other wall than the one(s) being shot at.

Did some testing, and one way i was able to keep ATGM team alive was to but high wall to building's roof and order ATGM team to face opposite direction than from where fire came from.

If it had low wall and ATGM team facing opposite direction they were wiped out under minute (usually they lasted 30-40 seconds) by three brads putting 25mm HEs to roof.

If it had high wall and ATGM team was facing brads, they didn't stand a change, i think this was most dangerous situation for ATGM-team: lying next to wall which will most likely blow to they faces very soon.

It was not very complete test, only did try two story buildings mostly and once one story building.

There's lots of small things which are effecting.

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