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  1. Dunno did i understand what your after, but you can set one target order for each waypoint, by clicking that white "bubble" in waypoint's destination (you can do alot of interesting things with that). I don't remember how that happens if guys are in vehicles, it should be possible. Example: Squad moves at it's 1st waypoint put in front of door (but does no enter yet) it has area fire target attached to first floor 2nd waypoint is in building's first floor and it has area target order attached to second floor 3dr waypoint is in second floor and it has area fire order attached to third
  2. Yeah. Is this the same boat which Indian navy nailed and then they discovered that it's infact ship full of innocent (Asian) civilians, fishermen to be exact. Ugly.
  3. I really don't know how Chainsaw has been trained, but general guides provided to me stressed heavily to use of fire, hand grenades and most of all TNT-chunks (shaped charges, stachel charges etc) to create entry-holes and such. When going thru door you suspect is held by enemy you shoot couple of bursts, throw in grenade or both... And possibly shoot half your mags, throw all you grenades and TNT-chuncks too. I can see Chainsaw's princible sound and not gamey in this aspect. If you have to go thru stairway you expect to be held by enemy, you would try to use any means at you disposal. Sur
  4. Or then too low power supply, as card requires 350 watts and i have below that. Well as long as i don't have bigger problems with overheating/power supply, i don't worry about it. Happens only sometimes and result is most likely only couple seconds freezing (as VPU recoverer fixes situation) and after that things keep working without problems.
  5. I've found reason for crashing... I'm stupid! have to admit that. Simply turning my 3D settings to optimal and not balanced or custom as i generly do (Of course i tried that as a last resort!) and now there haven't been crashes in two days. AntiAliasing seems to be poison for game's stability and having catalyst control center so i can't turn it manualy off, But optimal setting can do it (seems like so). After turning AA to 2 or higher for other games, VPU recoverer started to "shut-down" my card. Well! Thanks to you REDWOLF as i started to think those AA and AF things after you said ab
  6. I'm sorry if you get tired (why did you feel so great urge to reply then?). My hardware and software is compelitely same, only ATI card has changed. Oblivion, Operation flashpoint, CIV4, T-72 Balkan on fire and 1848 runs fine, although severe lag might be present if i make missions with battalion level fights (OFP). Why does ATI card affect to fact that mission doesn't hang-up in beginning but in middle of mission. And after that first freezing, hang-ups happen between 1-2 turns during both plan-, and actionphase if i open autoload of that mission. If i start new mission same pattern goes on
  7. I've ATI X800 and both CM2 and CM3 crashes (totaly: needs to reset)... My two previous ATI cards (9200 and 9500 series) worked just fine. Intresting point is that crashing happens in middle of mission. If i open autosave it can work 1 turn or less and then it crashes again! Never happens at start of the mission, but when more than 10 turns have bypassed. I've taken all graphical details and ambient sounds off, but it still crashes. Sound more like game's than ATI card's problem. But as i said no problem with previous cards.
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