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Stryker night vision


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I made a night scenario so I could see how night vision equipment work. I had enemy equipment about 800 m away.

In manual p. 164 it says Abrams M1A2 SEP has second generation Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) equipment for the commander.

For Stryker M1131 Fire Support Vehicle it says that it has the same FS3 system as Stryker RV.

And for Stryker RV M1127 it says that FS3 includes second generation FLIR system.

So if this 2nd generation FLIR found in these two Strykers is the same as in the best Abrams, then I assume they should have close to similar night spotting capability.

When I tested things in my scenario mentioned above the Abrams could quickly spot and destroy targets from 800m distance. An ATGM Stryker could do the same. The manual doesn't say what kind of night vision system it has.

BUT: M1131 FSV couldn't spot the enemy from this distance. Is this a bug?

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I made sure all Strykers were buttoned and then both M1127 models spotted ok. So those '?' symbols were shown when one Styker was unbuttoned. When the commander opens the hatch and uses just his eyes?, he can't spot another friendly vehicle 5 meters away.

So this still leaves the question of my 13:00 message open - should M1131 spot like M1127?

And like I wrote in another thread: in this scenario when I had an Abrams and ATGM Styker set as Destroyed in Editor, when selecting them during play they seemed to spot normally. Or they were showing the same situation that is shown when no unit is selected.

EDIT: destroyed don't spot normally, but show the same situation as when no unit is selected. I hope this is finally how it really is. smile.gif

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