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ATI Radeon assistance.....please....pretty please!

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My dad has the game on his PC with a Radeon 7500 VE DDR graphics card. CMBB runs very slowly and blockily (I know that's not a word but hope you know what I mean)

I've added a tweaker....BUT can't remember what is required, can someone enlighten me please.

Something to do with anti-aliasing/ z-mask and?

I can't remember at all.....and I'm desperate, I've been pestering him to get off Sudden Strike and play CMBO/ CMBB for a very very long time!!

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Doing a search on 'Z mask' in the Tech Support forum resulted with this thread, being one of the results.

You may want to be careful in which Catalyst driver you use also. Drivers newer than 2.3 might cause problems. Also make sure you have the latest Radeon Tweaker too.

I assume that you're also aware that fog will not display with the ATI Radeon drivers on the PC.

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