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Game keeps exiting...no pattern discerned...help!

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Hey there...love the game, but it is exiting to the desktop quite frequently. I don't think there is a specific action causing this, but at times it seems to be when I move the mouse.

I have a MS IntelliMouse trackball, updated and disarmed for CMBB (haven't actually tried a "standard" mouse) am running on Windows 98, with an Optiquest monitor...I don't know exactly what my video card is...IntelĀ®810 Chipset Graphics Driver PV 2.1? Or MPU-401? Sorry...having a hard time locating what exactly is my Vid card...

Also, is there supposed to be an intro movie in CMBB, because I don't get one. Just music and the standard book cover still shot.

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There is no "intro" movie in CMBB. If your using an integrated 810 card your using "system" memory......which can very....8-12 megs I believe. That could be crashing the game( 16 megs is minimum). I would also update the drivers for your trackball( problems with outdated drivers have caused crash problems. How much ram do you have( 128 megs is minimum.

Don't forget to update your game also!

Note......you should get a 3D card with at least 32 megs of ram for good game performance.

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The graphics driver for the Intel 810 PV 2.1 is pretty dated. Here's a newer version PV 6.7 (or you can try some of the earlier versions like 6.6). I'm not sure if 6.7 caused problems for some people. So you may want to try 6.6 or 6.5, etc.

I'd make sure that nothing else is running in the background with a Ctrl-Alt-Del (leave Systray and Explorer up, almost everything else is optional). As pointed out in the previous post the i810 utilizes system memory and only so much of it. It will be a poor performer for CMBB, but it should work. As for mouse drivers, typically the Microsoft Standard mouse driver is probably your best bet unless there are certain mouse features you need that are provided by the manufacturer's driver.

Upgrading your system, if possible, is probably the best bet for a more enjoyable experience with CM. However you're probably limited to PCI cards since it is very rare for an Intel 810 motherboard to have an AGP slot (but check your documentation nevertheless). A NVidia TNT2 M64 32Mb PCI should suffice and provide an improvement.

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Thanks guys...I'm going to give that a shot (it is taking a while to DL).

I also went into the general video controls and downticked the rate or whatever (says to do so if you have mouse problems...I figured what the heck, it couldn't hurt) and the smallish game I played in CMBB didn't exit once.

Don't think the General (read=wife) is going to allow me to requisition a whole new PC for a game...but you never know!


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Actually you don't need to buy a whole new computer (though that would probably be nicer). Just upgrade your video.

The Intel 810 is actually the main motherboard chipset that also has a graphics core built into it. The graphics core utilizes system memory (your 128Mb of RAM is reduced a little to support video) for video. With the i810's the driver and/or BIOS may take anywhere from 1Mb to 8-12Mb. Still the i810 isn't a very good performer, especially when it comes to 3D games. My recommendation earlier to get a TNT2 M64 32Mb PCI should usually suffice for a number of older systems. It will give you all of the effects that you can get in CM (fog, translucent walls, 'nice' smoke, etc.) that you can't get with the Intel 810. You can get a TNT2 M64 32Mb PCI from Newegg for US$35-43 (just make sure it is PCI and not AGP, which you most likely don't have in your computer).

The TNT2 M64 won't be a speed demon, but it should be faster than what you currently have.

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