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CMMOS Trouble


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Hey guys ive been out of CM for A LONG time lol, and im trying to load up some terrain and building mods + rulesets, and i keep getting an error message that says 'Cannot install mod, check 'CMMOSLog.txt'for more information....and additionally it seems that the rulesets do not want to install properly??? what am i to do???

Many thanks,


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I'm in the same boat. I just re-loaded CMBO and decided to give CMMOS a shot, but so far most mods that I downloaded from CMHQ get an error about not being a CMMOS mod.

I thought perhaps it was a info.txt and description.txt issue, but adding those to the zip files that didn't work -- well, didn't work.

I compared some that worked (like Tanks A Lot's buildings) with some that didn't work, and other than the description.txt and info.txt files, they were the same.

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I can help you out with any problems you're having with CMBO CMMOS 4.03, but I'll need to know some particulars first.

Reread the illustrated readme file, make sure you're trying to install a CMMOS mod, make sure we're talking about CMBO and not CMBB (works very differently), and describe exactly what you're doing, whether you've managed to get anything to work, and the exact paths that you're using for CMBO and GEM Productions/CMMOS.

That error message just means you're doing something wrong. To figure out what, you have to establish which of the dozen or so steps you've done right.

In CMBO CMMOS you install rulesets and rules manually into GEM Productions/CMMOS/CMBO, and manually copy the mods with extensions into Program Files/CMBO/BMP. In CMBB CMMOS it doesn't work that way at all. So give us some info and we'll try to sort you out.

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