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  1. Hmmm, just checking to see what member number i am, its been awhile....
  2. Hey Mikey, theres what appears to be a 500 rnd ammo can behind the M240, that building behind her is on the northern side of the green zone (IZ) if memory serves (and it usually doesnt) Jake
  3. Hey guys ive been out of CM for A LONG time lol, and im trying to load up some terrain and building mods + rulesets, and i keep getting an error message that says 'Cannot install mod, check 'CMMOSLog.txt'for more information....and additionally it seems that the rulesets do not want to install properly??? what am i to do??? Many thanks, Jake
  4. Thankyou young communist! Your reply has yielded much information! Cheers, Jake [ March 15, 2004, 07:03 PM: Message edited by: JAK ]
  5. Hey guys, I havent posted on here for quite some time, but i love CM (however it has been awhile since i played) and i was wondering what is being planned after CM:AK? Are you guys working on the next CM engine? These may seem like commonly asked questions but ive been out of the loop so indulge me please. Cheers, Jake
  6. I know that when you make a game that you don't tell everybody everything about it before it is released, but isn't it alittle extreme in the case of CM:BB? Hey, I like the feeling of seeing a new "bone" thread as much as the next CM'er! However, I think that it being this close to the month of completion (right, I know ) that maybe we could get a more rounded idea of what CM:BB will actually include and how play will be different (ie= a list of vehicals or something along those lines). Just my thoughts. Jake
  7. So, MG's are far more effective against leg infantry and they can displace rapidly......looks like they will become a major killer and a weapon to be feared (finally-sigh). What I want to know is how MG ammo will be handled? Will it be by belts or cases or what? Jake
  8. Ok, thanks for the answers! I wonder if BTS will give us more tracers per burst of fire in CMBB (it would add to the intensity of a fire fight IMO). Thanks again, Jake
  9. Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but what exactly are "textured tracers"? What does texturing do? Is it going to look real? Confused, Jake
  10. Tom's CMHQ, its the same site as that of Battle of the Bulge mod fame. Just search for Tom's CMHQ and it should come up. Jake
  11. Great rain mod scipio! Thanks alot! Jake
  12. Hey! I think TCMHQ has a really good hi-res sky mod. Try it. Really. Its good. Jake
  13. Hi all, were can I find Juju's pavement mod? I had it but I reinstalled CM. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Jake
  14. I liked LOTR, but I haven't seen Beautiful mind yet so I can't really compare. All I have to say is that this guy must be off his rocker, his trolley is derailed! Good laugh though. Jake
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