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TCP/IP Movies


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As is customary on the CM boards, I apologise in advance for a question that has probably already been answered elsewhere, although I did a search with no relevant results.

Anyway, I've just played my very first 8 TCP/IP moves (10 minutes per move, an 1800 pt ME) and would like to review the last two movies - where does the program store them? Surely they must be somewhere on my HD?? And btw, 1800 pts / 10 minutes is awfully ambitious, too many units and not enough time...

Thanks for any help!

Chris Walker

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My, some less than kind old hands have certainly stamped the use the search function into your fore head with a hob nailed boot.... :D

The movie is not stored as far as I know, and thus the reason for why it is so difficult to implement the continuous movie feature we all covet. However if you have the turns as returned to you by your opponent with the resolution, the movie is always there from a PBEM battle. If you saved the turn at the end of the resolution, but before watching the movie, you can just open that saved file and watch the movie. If you did not save the turn, its gone forever as its generated on the fly as a result of the resolution. Sorry. If I am wrong, I am sure that some other person will come along and expose my ignorance, with a hob nailed boot no doubt :D

Edited because my fingers lack the coordination to type the intended from, and instead give me form, over and over and over...

[ 01-17-2002: Message edited by: kmead ]</p>

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Well, I'd like to add to our long winded comments here. :rolleyes: No you can't view the movie from a TCP/IP,

due to, IIRC, the fact that the computer calculates the movie after you use the save game function. Both of your orders are then entered and the turns movie is produced as a

one-time thing. This is quite a beautiful thing, BTW.

PBEM is where you can get to review your movies if you are the type of player who saves them. You can add a characters in your filenames to flag the movie turns (I also do that to tell if my turns are odd/even and Axis/Allied). I hope this helps. :D

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