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Help my screen locks up !!!!!!!!!!


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:( Can anyone help?

I have a full retail version of Beyond Overlord and I have also recently downloaded the Combat Mission 2 demo (Barbarbossa).

Whilst playing the game (either one) after a period of time (varies in length) the screen locks up!!!!!

The screen freezes and the sound can be heard suttering.

The only solution is to turn the computer off; Ctrl + Alt+ Del, fails to do anything.

The game prior to the lock up, works wonderfully with no graphic or sound corruption evident.

There is no conflict with any of software or hardware evidnet either.

My system details are as follows:

Compaq Presairo

Processor 1.3GHZ

Memory : 768MB

Direct X Version: 8.1

Graphic Card: Nvida Geforce 2 MX/MX 400 4xAGP 64MB

Graphic Card Driver : Nvida 30.82 (Dated 16 July 2002)

Soundcard: Soundmax Digital Audio

Souncard Driver:Driver 5.12.3019, dated 1st August 2000.

Operating System: Windows XP (Home Edition)

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I would guess that the culprit is probably the sound chip (ADI 188x is the codec). There's probably an updated driver from Compaq for this.

Which Compaq Presario model do you have ? Is the CPU an Athlon, Duron or Celeron ? Do you know what chipset your motherboard is based on ? If you don't it can probably be found out with the Presario model info.

Though it isn't the way that you'll want to play permanently, I suggest turning off the sound in either game (Shift+S) and see if that makes a difference.

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I have upgraded my sound card driver to: (dated 24/09/01.

I did find what aooear to be a newer driver but it wouldn't insatll!!!!

In answer to your question the model no. is 5146EA.

The processor is 1.3GHZ (Athlon)

As for the motherboard; I don't know.

I've tried the Compaq website, not much use really. Any suggestions?

I'll try this soundcard driver to see if I get much luck.

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I've sent some suggestions via email.

One other thing to try, but I don't know if you can adjust it. Once you've applied some of the things I mentioned in the email and CM still locks up, the I suggest reducing the AGP Aperture in the CMOS/BIOS setup. On Compaqs you usually access the CMOS/BIOS setup via the F10 key, but I'm not sure if Presarios or most newer Compaqs have kept it that way (otherwise it may be DEL or ESC).

Unfortunately I'm not sure if you can modify the AGP Aperture in the Compaq CMOS/BIOS setup. Compaqs are notorious for a minimum number of user configurable settings in the CMOS/BIOS setup. Even if you could reduce this value (which may be setting at 64Mb), it may not go very far (probably 32Mb may be the minimum).

Hopefully the BIOS update or the VIA drivers may make a difference in this situation.

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It's cold comfort knowing someone is having the same game issues as you. Mark, you and I happen to have the same video card!! I find that the game will only run 'lock-up' free in 800 x 600 mode. However, I have not been able to get the CMBB demo to run in this mode and it could very well be because the demo does not support 800 x 600. You will also need to set smoke to fast and compatible.

Question for those out there reading this:

Does any one own an Nvida Geforce 2 MX/MX 400 4xAGP 64MB, and is NOT experiencing lock-ups at 1024?

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My CMBO used to freeze on my old computer after I installed a Geforce 2 video card. I found that I had to reduce the AGP from 2x to 1x and it would stop freezing up. Apparently my motherboard wasn't capable of handling what the video card could deliver. Not sure if this helps any, but I figured I would throw it out there anyway.

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The CMBB Demo absolutely supports running at 800x600. It doesn't support running at 640x480 (though it is possible to select that resolution - you'll quickly be told it doesn't work afterward though).

I have a GeForce2 MX400 (Hercules) that I've run on an MSI KT133 motherboard. It was running fine in the past with the full version (I believe it was at 1024x768, it may have been 800x600). I'll have to check it out later tonight or tomorrow (since I'm running tests with another video card at the moment).

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:D Well, well, I've actually successfully managed to complete 2 games this morning with no lock ups whatsoever!!!!! (Could this be a record; lets hope not!!!)

I don't want to be tempting fate; but thanks for the advice guys!!!!!!!!!

It appears that the bios fix and the 4 in 1 driver, must have done the trick.

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