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IA Improvement - Contributions

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I would like to open a new topic to help improve the IA. Here are a few comments to begin with :

1) When playing against the germans, they did not even manage to enter France and were defeated before the US entered war (great isn'it ?). A pb I notice with the IA was that it fails to focus its attacks. For instance : it left strong armored units behind the front line, was not concentrating its fire power on a single unit, nor on the weakest ones, the planes were also focusing on other targets such as my warships. I hope the next patch will improve the IA !!!

2) units under IA management are not focused enough on wining PM. I noticed a unit located next to an empty production center or mine and not attempting to capture it

3) maybe a solution could be to design a number of pre-written strategis for each side that the IA could use (like for chess games where much is done by storing openings for instance)

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Good points on the AI.

As you said the AI needs to really focus on its objective.

In attacking France it will too often focus on the Maginot Line, instead of France.

When attacking Brussels it often does not go for the kill but is sidetracked by attacks on the Benelux corps outside of Brussels.

And as you stated other targets of opportunity - mines, units behind the front lines and naval ships - will divert the AI from its primary mission. Often I have used this weakness to defend France and push the German AI back across the Rhine.

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Youri & Edwin P., good point's, even though similar concern's have been brought up before. Even though these problem's have been mentioned in the past, we shouldn't give up mentioning them again and again, until a solution result's!.

We want a 'Stellar-Game', not just a 'Great-Game'!.

Can these 'AI' inadequacie's be realistically dealt with Hubert ?.

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1. When defending, defend.

As an example : instead of defending Warshaw, he moves his troops away from it.

2. Don't use airplanes in the front line.

As an example : after a Sealion, don't move the UK bomber from the frontline E of London to the frontline SW of Liverppol.

3. Do a REAL D-Day, even after a Sealion.

As an example : in all my games where the game isn't over in 1943, he ship 5 units in amfibious and ship sthem to the UK without protection. I kill them easily before they land. Two turns later he sends another 5. Again, I kill them easily. The other 10 US troops never leave the mainland, nor the US Navy. Ship ALL units to the UK and surround them with the US Navy, so that at least half the troops make it to the UK.

4. Do not move a unit one hex and then attack when there is enough movement to attack first and then move to the same spot.

Example : Russian defence.

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