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SC2 plays on Mac OS X !

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I recently bought an iMac after my pc died on me.

I knew I could still play SC2 by installing windows on a small partition and booting in windows when I wanted to play but seeing as I would need this partition just for SC2 and TF2 (another game) I was hoping I could play them without having to boot in Windows.

For SC2 I have www.vmware.com/fusion software running and it plays the game superbly. I can run in full screen 1920*1200 on my 24" monitor.

You will need a copy of windows as you will be installing windows via vmware. It actually installs faster than the typical MS installation.

I have a 2.4Ghz duo core, 2 gigs of ram with a Radeon 2600 card.

NOTE: I tried using www.codeweavers.com/crossover but that was not successfull and they do not officially support SC2 even if you purchase a copy of crossover.

EDIT: Players considering making a purchase for a MAC should still verify that the applicable Demos work as expected.

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Just an update that the latest version of VMWare 2.0 runs great. VMWare is doing great work in the area of gaming, some 3D games now run in VMWare.

For best performance I suggest being able to allocate 1.5 gigs of RAM to your virtual machine. So it is best if your system has 3 gigs of ram. If you only have two split it in half.

For simply running SC you only need to give it the default configuration of using 1 processor (all Macs have dual cores). I left all the settings default except the RAM allocation.

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The video acceleration feature in settings has REALLY made an impact for me, things just move much smoother and faster. No way the game was this smooth when I was on PC only.

I bet ya anyone with just 2 gigs of ram and running this in VMWare for Mac would not feel the need for more ram.

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Originally posted by vicco:


Is there any chance that Battlefront would convert the SC2 series to Mac? It used to make Mac versions for CM.

Just hoping.


Honestely, apart from having to pay extra to buy VMWare, you really do not need an official mac version.

The game plays flawlessly.

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