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Wrecks Campaign Rules for CMBB

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Right, Wreck are you finished? :rolleyes:

I'm on battle 6 and there is no way I can stop anymore... Units still green, but were getting better all the time. Haven't played the demo yet - still downloading, but from the "changes list" it looks like you'll have to make the rules more lenient and definitely build in a conscript/green level for me redface.gif

BTW guys - if you want to learn CMBB - Wrecks Rules are the way to go - Realism in War like you've never seen before!! (the rhyme was accidental) tongue.gif

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Hi Guys,

I've retrofitted the Wreck rules for a 1941 campaign (June - Dec.) as the Germans and am currently play-testing them. It's slow going though and I'm only on battle 6 and am in July 1941 still (lots of attacks for the Germans in the first 2 months).

The bad news is I haven't typed them up yet and it might still be a while before I'm happy with them.


I've been meaning to send you an e-mail to double-check. Are you doing anything with the old rules yet?

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Guys, I have gotten a few email messages this week about the campaign. Thanks for writing! Where there are three questions expressed, there are many more amongst the silent majority. So I wanted to let you know what I am up to.

I have not been playing CMBB of recent. Instead I got addicted to Tropico, and I got a girlfriend (Tropico was her fault), and moved all the same time. So I have no spare time at all to work on a campaign. In any case, before I work on any campaign I would want to spend a fair amount of time with the quickbattle generator, to see what sorts of handy new things one can do with all of the great new options that we have. And also I would want to get a feel for the balance of BB, with weather, various terrain, etc. All of which will take a great deal of time.

Since I am not going to make time to devote to the campaign in the foreseeable future, I want to hand it off. The rules as written are open-source. Use them as a base if you will, or, rewrite 'em from scratch. The way is fairly clear; there's just a huge mass of implementation details that need to be determined. Weather, terrain, location in Russia, etc.

Someone, go for it! Peterk seems to be the Man right now. Can someone else beat him to it? Can y'all develop the new rules collaboratively?

Let 1000 flowers bloom.

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