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CMBB DEMO issues

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Hi, I'm having some trouble getting the demo up and running. I am trying to fix it with some drivers etc., but I can't find the CMBB preferences file talked about in the readme file.

my problem with the demo is:

Menu opens about 6 times and blur over eachother, install of nvidia 30.82 helps a bit but menu still not readable!

my system: AMD Athlon XP1700 256DDR gforce2-400 windowsXP pro.

cheers :confused:

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The preferences file gets saved after you've selected a resolution and have exited CM normally. The file is named Combat Mission BB Demo Prefs and you'll find it at the root of the directory you installed the Demo in. Deleting this file forces CM to go through the resolution selection process again, which is what it looks like you need to do.

I assume that you're seeing a horizontal overlapping of the 2D screens. This may be because the resolution you've selected for CMBB isn't appropriate for your monitor. It's most likely a refresh issue where the video card is capable of outputting certain frequencies that your monitor isn't truly capable of displaying. The resolution selection screen should give you a fairly accurate sense of what your monitor is capable of displaying, so be careful about clicking 'OK' or accidentally hitting the Enter key when the screen doesn't look right during the selection process.

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I dont have that prefs. file yet in my CMBB root.

And that should be right, because I never have chosen a resolution anywhere (this problem occured when I tried to start up for the first time). But it is indeed horizontal overlapping.

I tried to run my friends issue of CMBO (cause I would really like to solve this and buy the game), but I am experiencing exactly the same problem.

U could be right about my monitor, because it is 6 years old, but I can play the newest 3D-shooters in 800x600 resolution.

hope u can help me.


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